NABERS 6 Energy Management for Data Centres

30 Mar 2017 2:27 PMDavid Reeves
NABERS 6 Energy Management for Data Centres

CES have completed the design of a secure offgrid 10MW Energy Management Package for Data Centres. This innovative Tier 3 package will be incorporated into the Focal Point Data Centre development and will provide the opportunity for the Data Centre to be one of the first to sign up to a formal NABERS Data Centre Commitment Agreement.


No Australian Data Centres performs above a NABERS 4.5 star rating.  The CES packaged energy solution consumes only a fraction of the energy and emits a fraction of the of the emissions compared to all other Australian data centres. 


Benefits of the packaged energy solution can be offered in any location for greenfield data centres, or via process improvement at existing data centres. 


Consolidated Energy Services offer a complete, secure, competitive alternative to grid electricity supply for energy intensive data centre operations. 


Our energy management solutions offer future supply and cost certainty at a time when grid electricity cost and supply interruption is increasing. 


As competition increases in the global data market, our energy is typically 3-5 times the coast of our global competitors impacting our regional and global data storage competitiveness.  Consolidated Energy Services believe that lower energy cost solutions will be a necessary element of all successful long term Australian data centre strategies. 


Key Benefits

  • Optimised integrated power generation and cooling management
  • Cost effective, grid independent operation
  • Zero cooling water consumption
  • Guaranteed annual average PUE sub 1.2
  • NABERS 6 energy and emissions outcome, WUE = 0
  • Below market rates



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